We had no casseroles…

We had no casseroles…


Casseroles60 Minutes presented a remarkable segment on the topic of  mentally ill kids in crisis.

I was searching online for the video earlier today and came across some additional footage the producers of the segment were unable to use in the segment. In this footage, Scott Pelley (the correspondent who presented the segment), the producers, and a group of mothers of children at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital discuss the stigma of raising a mentally  ill child…

Shortly after the 4:00 mark in this video, Scott tossed out this question…

SP: What is the difference between being the mother of a child who has mental illness and the mother of a child who has heart disease or cancer?

Mothers: Sympathy…empathy…empathy…casseroles.

SP: Casseroles? What do you mean?

Mothers: Somebody needs to share the casserole story.

My daughter, when she was thirteen was hit by a car and fortunately was fine, except for…

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