One request from a survivor of childhood abuse

One request from a survivor of childhood abuse


shutterstock_74353027Editor’s Note: Today’s post was written by a friend of Key Ministry who asked not to be identified by name. Given the personal nature of the post, we’re honoring their request. As Shannon, Jolene and myself have written about trauma in the past, this piece resonates with some of our earlier posts on the topic.

Maybe you’re a pastor. Maybe you care for kids at church or school or daycare. Maybe, as is the law in 18 states, you’re simply an adult.

You’re also a mandatory reporter. By law, you are responsible for alerting authorities if you suspect a child is being neglected, physically abused, emotionally or verbally abused, or sexually abused, whether or not you have absolute proof. Some people fail to do so, out of reasons like offering the benefit of the doubt or not wanting to upset parents with an investigation.

Others, like you, take your role…

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