10 Things I learned in September


The What We Learned posts are hosted by Emily Freeman as a “monthly community link-up to share the fascinating, ridiculous, sacred, or small.” Today is my third time joining with

10 Things I Learned in September:

  1. I can do far more physically than I thought: I am coaching a JV girls soccer team. WHAT?! I have not played since I was 13 and injured myself during a non-soccer activity. I could not tell you how many players were on a field or what the position were, let alone how a game runs. But I’m doing it! And I am finding I have incredible power kicks and foot work, even if I had to throw speed out the door years ago.
  2. There’s always beauty in each person I come across, even when it doesn’t fit my perspective of what beauty is.
  3. Shimmery deep red nail polish is NOT a fall color: I got a pedicure recently. It was a late birthday gift. I chose this deep shimmery red thinking it would be like a fall red color. Wrong. I look like a Christmas decoration.
  4. I love bacon, but not on donuts: Tried my first maple bacon donut from the #1 donut shop in Massachussetts. It was good. I just prefer my bacon and donuts separate I think.
  5. A freshly cleaned and made bed is near heavenly: I rarely make my bed. It takes a lot of work. Recently I washed and cleaned it and made it and it is so delightful to get into every night. Who knew how nice crisp sheets are?
  6. Division: Everyone who lives in America (or is Christian for that matter) does not see everything the same. But if you find yourself upset at someone’s outlook…that may need to be the very person you build a relationship with. Division is to be expected when people aren’t developing meaningful relationships with others outside their culture.
  7. Good friends are the spice of life: “You know these are your life friends when you haven’t seen one another in years and can still hold a conversation as valuable as when you said “bye” the last time”: I saw some friends this month that I hadn’t seen in years upon years. It was fantastic. The hope and encouragement and sisterhood I felt with them was so needed.
  8. Cultivating a gentle heart is ridiculously hard.
  9. I need older women in my life: I met with a woman this month, and I must have wept buckets. I did not intend to, I just did. She was so calm and fun, settled in her own skin and grateful to now be thought of as “an older woman”. It’s a title she claimed with honor. That’s the type of person I want to become, someone aged to gentleness, prone to listening, prayerful in speech, quick to laugh.
  10. Ganache & chocolate chip babka: HEAVEN in my mouth!

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  1. “There’s always beauty in each person I come across, even when it doesn’t fit my perspective of what beauty is.” – ( Please help me do this. What are some tips. That statement is true and simple. However, when people are rude it is so hard to see the good. Like a stranger who you meet once. How do you see the beauty? )

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