6 Things I learned in July


The What We Learned posts are hosted by Emily Freeman as a “monthly community link-up to share the fascinating, ridiculous, sacred, or small.”  Today is my second time joining with

Things I Learned in July:

1. Brightly Painted Toes: I just love them. I sort of refuse to go anywhere with sand without painted toe nails. It’s one of the founding marks of summer for me… bright toe nails peeking through the sand. And this summer it is my goal to make it to sandy beach places as much as possible. I just love the expanse and the smell of the ocean.

2. Carpentry: I have a roommate getting married. We’ve been fixing up some furniture for her. You know, the old stuff thats a bit wobbly, has some character, and is mostly missing ALL it’s nails and screws. So we’ve been hammering and painting away and surprisingly, we are an awesome carpentry pair.

3. Driving: I’ve learned that I am now terrified of driving. Over a year ago I became unable to drive much or often. In July I started to drive more often and I have been terrified of it. Terrified I’d have a pseudo seizure, head tremors, or vertigo.. terrified I’d injure someone. The anticipation of it is the worst. I literally nearly lose my breath from the fear of driving. But I am trying. Slowly.

4. Lemon Drops: There’s this plant called a Lemon Drop. I didn’t know it existed. It’s huge and grows like a spider plant with small yellow and white “drop” looking flowers. I’m sort of loving it right now! It looks beautiful on my porch.

5. Loving: Loving people is hard. I’ve always known that, but never have I felt so unheard and undervalued in relationships as I do now. And the choice to retaliate in anger is one I am consciously objecting. I am choosing to give more unreserved love, to keep my walls and defenses down, to choose love, to pursue peace, even when the cost is high. I didn’t know it could cost so much or be so challenging to fight this war inside me, but I am doing this, because Jesus asked me to. And He’s giving me grace in those moments to keep going.

6. Trafficking: I care a lot about human trafficking. It’s so personal to my heart. One day I hope to work as a mentor to young women who have been trafficked. That, along with being a foster parent, are my deepest desires.



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  1. i love sand and large expanses of water too…i hope you are able to spend some good time there. i haven’t had my toenails painted yet this summer but am hoping to get them done next week. Bright colors are always fun.
    I am praying that driving becomes less of an anxious time for you.
    and the grace to continue on and to love people. often my first reaction is anger, and i’m trying to be gracious. i’m not doing too good, because often i try to use my own strength
    thank you for sharing these things you have discovered this past month about yourself.

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