On Celebrating the Other Mothers on Mother’s Day


On Celebrating the Other Mothers on Mother’s Day:

There are parents without carseats, diapers or pacifiers. Mothers who do not have bedtime rituals or middle of the night feedings. Parents without hand-stamped necklaces or birthstone rings. These are the other mothers – the ones in our midst who are quietly hurting.

So today I tell you, parents of babies who are not in your arms. I remember you on Mother’s Day, and you are celebrated.

I celebrate you getting out of bed.

I celebrate you waiting to cry until after your newly pregnant friend leaves.

I celebrate you balling up your fist at the complaining of another parent.

I celebrate you enjoying a quiet evening with your spouse.

I celebrate you crying in the shower at the overwhelming unfairness.

I celebrate you scrolling thru Facebook, steeling yourself against adorable joyfilled photos of families.

I celebrate you going to church and the park and Target.

I celebrate you enduring tests and procedures and needles.

I celebrate you as you slump on the bathroom floor, allowing yourself to feel the cycle defeating you again.And as you rise, choosing to do it all again tomorrow, I celebrate you.

I remember your babies. They, and you, are not forgotten. They matter. You matter. And on Mother’s Day, you, mother, will be celebrated.


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